About Us

Greatpeople.me is the communication portal for all Kroger employees. Kroger, or The Kroger Company, is the best-selling retail chain in the United States.


They are the second-largest retail service provider in terms of business. The company is the fourth private employer on the market. GreatPeople.me is the best portal for employees to access details like working hours. Employment information, etc.

GreatPeople.Me – Function

Some of the main functions of using this portal are the following:

Administration: Administration plays an important role in your online presence. This page helps the management team to ensure that employees work comfortably. It can also help you keep track of your work schedule.

Performance Updates: The management team can track employee performance and work reports.

Simple Communication: Greatpeople.me makes it easy for employees to communicate with each other.

The Kroger calendar is the best way to keep details like work hours, salary details, etc.


 About Kroger

 Kroger is the best-selling retailer in the United States. He has created an online portal for Kroger employees at Feed.Kroger.com where they can view the Kroger program and many other important details. It has a rich history of 137 years and the giant has never looked back in all these eras. Kroger has approximately 3,000 locations in the United States and offices in all major states across the country.

Greatpeople.me is a special online portal accessible to all employees of Kroger and its subsidiaries. All Kroger employees have full access to this portal. This Greatpeople.me portal provides vital information about the company’s workforce. The portal can be accessed at www.greatpeople.me.

Kroger offers the best product and service from the day of its launch. Kroger Schedule is one of the best facilities Kroger has to offer to ensure that life for Kroger employees is comfortable and easy.