Working for a wealthy company that has new projects from time to time is an opportunity that you have if you are very lucky. Companies like these make sure that their employees receive a good salary and learn a lot from their work. The people who work in these companies acquire new knowledge and make more and more contacts.


To remedy this, Kroger Inc. came up with the refreshing idea of ​​a creative portal for its employees to help people in the company better communicate with each other. They wanted a platform where they could exchange all the relevant information about the company and its work. And so GreatPeople.me was born.

GreatPeople.me is a platform where Kroger employees can view all updates on their work and easily get in touch with any member of the company. Here are some details about the benefits of the registration portal and how to use the portal to experience GreatPeople.me.


GreatPeople.me – Features

Collect employees: On this platform, company employees contact and exchange information about the company that will help them in their work. Everybody knows everybody and nobody is still a stranger in the office. It helps develop a kind of community in the workplace and people feel more comfortable with each other.

Transmission of information: With this platform, information transmission becomes easier and work efficiency increases. Employees know best what work needs to be done and what has already been done. The risk of confusion is reduced and increased. This platform can also be used to share work plans or make an important announcement. Managers don’t have to email all employees, they just enter the information in the GreatPeople.me login portal and that’s it.

Profile details: When a new employee joins the company, she finds her new job on the website. You will be able to know the details of your work and clear doubts. You don’t have to worry about finding the right contact person for these questions.

Accessible to all employees: The best thing about the GreatPeople.me login portal is that all company employees, including those who work for the store or run the club, are part of the platform. Nobody is left behind so that the information transmitted reaches all the employees of the company.