GreatPeople.me is a Kroger INc website, where all employees know what is happening in the company and also all company information for employees. Kroger Store’s GreatPeople.me offers comprehensive information on employee jobs. All Kroger employees and employees can access this website for complete information.


Kroger is a larger and well-known company with a large number of employees and customers. Kroger even has different portals to handle all your work accordingly. Currently, Kroger uses the latest ExpressHR portal to manage all hiring processes. Greatpeople and Kroger Express HR are two different portals used by Kroger for different purposes.

Anyone wishing to apply to Kroger can apply to Krogers ExpressHr and GreatPeople.me so is for the Kroger employees, employees can view their work and other company information. 


GreatPeople.me – FAQ

What is the name of the website that Kroger employees can access?

The answer is GreatPeople.me. This is the website where all Kroger employees can successfully access details at any time and on any device.

How can I check my daily routine at GreatPeople.me?

First, log in as described above. After successfully logging in, you will see an option called Kroger Calendar in the upper right corner of the page. Tap it and go. You are now on the Schedules page, where all work-related schedules/tasks are regularly updated.

How can I view Kroger payment statements online?

In order to access it, you first need information such as your Business ID (EUID) and password. Once you have successfully logged into your account and entered this data, you can go directly to the appropriate tab and check. Please note that you will receive payment receipts every Wednesday of the week.

How much does Kroger pay in advance?

Kroger pays around $ 10.53 / hour and ranges from $ 8.00 to $ 19.90 / hour.

All Kroger employees are satisfied with the functions of the company. Kroger also offers a cash prize to individuals who participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey. You can find all the details and participation options at www.krogerfeedback.pro.